The Magical Powers of a (proper) Donor Newsletter

…and why your charity needs one now.


Many small charities believe they ‘can’t afford’ to have a donor newsletter. But all the evidence suggests… you can’t afford not to.

In fact, a Donor-Centred Donor Newsletter - done properly - can be the most powerful tool in your fundraising tool kit.

For many charities, donor-centered newsletters defy all expectations. If they’re done right, some newsletters hit a magical 20% response rate, even outperforming their appeals.

And we’ll let you into a secret…

When it comes to donor-newsletters, being small is a blessing!

Why? Because when charities get big, every department wants a piece of your donor newsletter - events, legacy, campaigns, policy - we’ve seen it time and time again… Before your very eyes, your high-performing donor newsletter designed to deliver ‘surprise and delight to your cherished donors’ becomes a series of adverts and displays of self-promotion for the charity. Just like that, the connection with your donors (and your growing retention rate!) is lost.

The Casement Group are experts in creating high-performing donor newsletters because we’ve been in the weeds, doing it, for years.

Let us share our donor-newsletter ninja skills with you. We guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results…