The Casement Group Services

When you hire The Casement Group, we start with an audit to find out where you are with your fundraising. This includes each:

  • A Data & Segmentation Audit

  • A Donor Communications Audit

  • A Donor Care Processes Audit

Once the audits are complete, we create a growth strategy tailored to your organisations personal strengths/weaknesses and build out a 12-month fundraising plan with clear goals and deliverables we’ll meet.

Your tailored plan will include the planning and implementation of a strategic mix of the following:


Direct Mail Appeals (3-4 per year)


- Creative development/copywriting

- Custom donor ‘Thank You’ letter

- Coordinated email campaign

- Social media support


Donor Newsletter (3-4 per year)


- Creative development/copywriting

- Custom donor ‘Thank you’ letter

- Coordinated Email/Web version

- Read about the magical power of donor newsletters.


Acquisition (DM & online)

(as appropriate for budget) Includes:

- Campaign/Creative development

- Emergency response appeals

- Online lead generation campaigns

- Tailored conversion journeys

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In-House Training


- Identifying your best stories and interviewing for impact

- Infusing ‘donor love’ into all your communications

- What makes an effective appeal/ newsletter

- Donor-centered processes (and why they matter)

- Data segmentation, personalisation, and asking properly


  • We’ll help build your data and donor care processes to support sustainable fundraising…

  • We will train you and your team as we go…

  • Using the telephone for the greatest impact (‘thank you’ calls)

  • Surveys as a donor cultivation tool

  • Digital Marketing Plan (including how to create a donor-centric website)

  •  Identify appropriate technology for your organisation (database, digital platforms)

  • Development of legacy/Major donor giving

  • Case for Support

    • For Grants

    • Major Donors

    • Capitol Campaign literature

We even have the training to help your board understand how to invest in growth…!